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10.000 UNIQUE 1/1 Items

500+ Unique traits


Lööpers in Gmerica

Timeless, fearless and unstoppable.

The fight is never ending, apes will keep digging, apes will hodl, apes will lock the float, apes will never give up

One important notice: Please beware of scammers; you can only buy your NFT through the GME x Loopring Marketplace OR by taking part in the pre-sale. No official drop will happen on for example OpenSea etc., we sell on L2 only. And I ask everyone in the community to do the same, please resell your NFT on the environmentally friendlier way, through Layer2. This NFT collection was created for Layer 2, and hopefully sells out on the GameStop Marketplace and stays there, I mean why would you ever leave Gmerica.

Lööpers are created by 26-year-old, Berlin-based, wannabe digital artist – 3lia5, & his partner in crime, XXXXX.

Big thanks to the all the Loopring (/ GME) devs, working relentlessly to making this dream become a reality.

These computer generated, ten thousand unique faces, are all about community.

We want you to be proud of your new L2 NFT. So we included more than 500 unique traits! 

You will have a lot to explore when the whole collection is live!

Until then, stay tuned, frens.





Your frens through Web3



Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of zorro-2

call me griffin , but as you can guess, I am not the real Ken. (so you can also call me Elias  if griffin gives you negative hedgie thoughts). I drew the “Gmericanos” on my phone with a broken screen and no prior graphic design experience at all, that’s why it looks like it looks. My enthusiasm for the future brought me to the Crypto and NFT space, where I got hung up on Loopring last fall, through following the GME apes activity on superstonk. My goal with the Lööpers in Gmerica NFT’s, is to become a brand, get some brand recognition and to create an insane community. BUT I didn’t do this alone. This project was co-founded by my genius girlfriend, who helped SO much with this project. She was the leader when it came to metadata, coding, minting, video editing, website security etc. This project was made by 2 people, her and me.









q: What’s this about? What is special of having over 500 unique traits?

a:  Although this NFT collection is something special when it comes to Diversity and rarity trading, this project is about creative blockchain art, and putting the community thought first. Rarity should not ALWAYS be the unique selling point. We hope identification and personality of each face will play a part in determining the price action of individual Lööpers in Gmerica NFT’s. This project boosts over 500 unique traits. Meaning, there is more than double the variety of drawings, in comparison to for example.: The BAYC by Yuga Labs. To underline another example, we have more than five times the amount of unique traits as LarvaLabs’ CryptoPunks has.

The amount of unique traits plays a huge fact in how repetitive the whole Collection looks to the eye. In our collection it’s especially important to have such a huge variety as it makes each face more individual and hence giving it more personality.

qhow do I know this project is not a copy from someone else‘s art?
a: Each Lööper in Gmerica token holds a unique DNA that verifies the authentic true owner.

q: what makes LÖÖPERS unique?
a: 1. We are minted on Ethereum Layer two solution Loopring.        2. We’ve got the spice you need.                3. We have rappers.     4. We have Apes.     5. We have Punk’s.     6. We have Gingers.   7. We have a big variety of unique traits. Making trading for rarity a real challenge, especially since you CANNOT filter  Rarity rankings by hair colour, skin colour, or by the clothing item (Hoodies etc.) of your NFT, as that isn’t linked in the metadata. The more DD you do on this project, analysing ALL the NFT’s the more insider knowledge you will possess! Pay attention to the details!

q: what can you tell us about members access and royalty’s?

a: We use the ERC-1155 token and royalty percentage is 10%.

Holder’s are going to (= future tense) have access to our members only Discord channel. For now we chill on the Loopring Discord, mainly on the “L2-nft-talk” channel. My username is griffin.loopring.eth.#4900 Please come along, to meet the community! Also to find other Loopring artists and awesome Loopring projects, feel free to visit 

q: how much?
a: Check marketplace at launch, or the current pre-sale forms HERE. If you cannot find a pre-sale form, it means you were to late for a current batch. But no worries, we will be in progress of minting a new batch and it won’t take long before you can access the pre sale form again!

q: how can I find more information? 

a: Make sure you have inspected the whole website, including the tabs at the top. Join the Loopring Discord channel get on the ‘L2-nft-talk’ and ask away!