450+ LAYERS hand-DRAWN on phone


They are timeless, fearless and unstoppable.

Soon the Lööpers will arrive on the blockchain.

Lööpers are created by 26-year-old Berlin-based digital artist – Elias and his girlfriend – Kirsty – who put the coding, website and video editing into effect.

These (mostly) computer generated ten thousand unique faces want to talk about community.

because what’s the best part of any community?

Feeling represented and having a say in the future of the project. That’s right.

LÖÖPERS wants to let its members have votes towards real use cases. 

Success isn’t promised in web3, but surely we will do our thing. 

We also want to create special-members-only merch.

You will have a lot to explore when the collection is live!

Until then, stay tuned, frens.





Your frens through Web3



Elias Karlström

Elias is supposedly a business student, that drew the layers on an iPhone X with a broken screen and no prior graphic design experience at all. His enthusiasm for the future brought him to the Crypto and NFT space where he thrives on pursuing new projects. His goal with LÖÖPERS is to realize brand recognition and a create an insane community. Elias has been a social media ghost for years, so if you want to get hold of him for sure for any questions, then you better join the discord community.

Kirsty Czaszewicz

Kirsty is a real Gen Z and grew up to be a tech-addict. Having worked with the world’s biggest brands as a social media expert and educator, Kirsty recently learning about the crypto space, and is now working with Web3 development. Her goal is to drive technical plans for digital elevation.


a:  The project is about putting the generated art, and the community thought first. Rarity should not be the unique selling point. We are excited to grow within the blockchain as more possibilities within the NFT space develop everyday.

qhow do I know this project is not a copy from someone else‘s art on another blockchain?
a:  Each LÖÖPER token holds a unique DNA that verifies the authentic owner.

q: what makes LÖÖPERS unique?
a:  Our collection boasts all kinds of creative original knock out features. 

We have Heroes, Rappers, Magicians, Villains, Men, ApeMen, Ape’s, Punk’s and Toadz. Everything a NFT lover could wish for. This project took forever to create since it is our very first collection, and lots had to be learned! Each layer has carefully been curated to generate real characters within each face. We ended up having more than twice as many layers as the Bored Ape YC has(for example), though we have the same number of items, making each NFT ever more unique just in comparison!

q: what can you tell us about members access and royalty’s?

We want to give as much copyright as we can to the owners so they can integrate their NFT characters into the metaverse and the evolving P2E space themselves, and/or even make money advertising it or whatever. Just do whatever the heck you would like to do with it, as long as you own it. Some time in the future, holders will be rewarded physical items with their individual Lööper NFT imprinted, and get those sent per post. In 2022 Our take will only be 69% of the total royalty fee’s earned, so that leaves 31% of the royalties going back to a community’s ”special merch” fund, which is intended for paying for these physical items to gear up the Lööper holders! the Royalty fee is the current industry norm of 10% for each resale, so community merchandise fund gets a straight 3.1% cut off, each resale. 🙂 HOWEVER IT CAN BE THE CASE THAT WE FIRST HAVE TO PAY TAXES ON ALL PROFITS, INCLUDING THE COMMUNITIES CUT; The Community would therefore end up with the 3.1% (out of the 10%) of the royalties profit after tax (from 2022 resales). WE DON’T KNOW THE TAX LEGALS YET 🙁 BUT LETS just HOPE FOR THE BEST. 

q: what was the inspiration behind the project?

Think of big influences visible such as: Pokémon, Yu Gi Oh, Panini Stickers, Super Mario, Harry Potter, Shreckies, GME APE’s, Minion wannabe’s, Zorro’s, Dragon Ball Z, The funny Teddybear-frog, Kermit, that always used to be on TV redesigned, Hellboy, the fresh prince, Asterix, Squidgame, charlie brown, happy tree friends, Money Heist, Reddit, CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht club, rick&morty, the simpsons, schmurfs, ElephaNFT’s, etc!

q: how much?
a: TBA

q: where can i buy the Lööpers?
a: We applied to the GME marketplace and hope for the best!