Inspired by the original: Larva Labs CryptoPunks, our collection is of course very different inits chore look. However, we tried to keep the diversity, the punk style, and the rough outlay of a face in the middle of the .png.


Furthermore, BAYC is definitely also worth mentioning as to having been a real inspiration to the project, by concentrating on the simple goal that the art has to make people laugh and that people that click through the art, want to become a part of something that is original, cool and has lots of thought and play behind it.


We want to be part of this community, and not be the dictators of this project. We will be ofc leading the community as mods too, nevertheless the ultimate roadmap decisions of what this project and this community is about, should not be decided by just two people, but instead these decisions should be in the hands of the community. So anything that will happen will happen at the discord of our community, and we will try our best to finalize the community’s wishes.


In today’s world everything is the wrong way around. Now, humanity has developed NFT technology to prove authentic ownership of Art. But the societal backlash is: many people feel like Artists get cheated, with copies of their art sold as a non-fungible. Instead of telling the NFT platforms to up their verification of authenticity, and make it easier to prevent fraud – and instead of telling artists, that they have to do the necessary steps in order to protect themselves from thieves within this art revolution (it’s like: “yes, a business 25 years ago,  wouldn’t have had to protect their website, information and data with online-security, yet moaning doesn’t help the business – if you want it to succeed, you must evolve with the evolving industry). Instead many people decide to hate on NFT’s themselves. They don’t understand the use cases. The underlying technology. But really deep down, most of them are jealous, just like you and me, that a year ago or so, they didn’t get a cheap picture of an ape or a punk, which is now worth more than our enslaving 9-5 jobs wil ever make.

BUT so what are NFT’s?

NFTs showcase a form of digital ownership. This represents something unique: photos, images, game artifact, music, videos, etc. NFTs leverage innovative smart contract technology to store and record unique information on the blockchain, which means that whenever an NFT is created, only one of it verifiably exists. With NFTs, one can digitally certify that an asset is authentic. NFTs can be traded on specialized marketplaces.”

Over the past decade, there’s been a major rise in financial innovation,

It’s likely that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will give rise to a variety of new financial instruments; such as: loans backed by digital assets, or loans backed by futures contracts for specific digital assets. Though each use case is unique, all would share one thing: a reduction in middlemen and hence less friction within payment systems. In short, NFT holders stand to profit directly from economic activity around their tokenized assets.

So how to find out if an NFT project has real potential?

Below is a personal list what I look out for as a ‘10K collectible’ NFT collector when it’s not for the artist’s sake, that the NFT wants to be bought. My suggestion is to rate on each bullet point from 1-10 when considering buying into an NFT project. This will give you a point average out of 250 possible points for your considered investment. (If you multiply the points by 4x, you have a personalised rating out of 1000 points)

–  Community

  • Is it Authentic? Would you want to be part of the project?
  • Does the community seem lively?
  • Are there proud owners?
  • How many buyers/ community following IN RELATION TO how long since the project has actually been announced? For example, if a project has 1000 followers since their announcement yesterday, that’s is very good – but, if they have 1000 followers since their announcement from like last year, then that’s not as good.
  • Are founders active at all on the community chat?
  • How fair is/was the public launch? How fair was the whitelisting process?
  • Is the original mint price far over 150 U$D?

 – Design-

  • what is your thought/ emotion upon your first glance?
  • Any positive emotion is usually a sign! Does it have an artistic look? 
  • Does it look cheap? 
  • Do the colors speak to you? 
  • Does it look cute? 
  • Do you like the optics?


  • How much originality is behind the overall collective? 
  • Are there unique traits, ideas, or use-cases, within the collectible that you admire? 
  • How much of it looks original? Are there other projects that do the same but better?
  • How much thought went into the whole project
  • How many creators are behind the project? If multiple, which one of the co founder’s actually desgined what unique traits? this gives you a closer look and transparency, that said-> more people doesn’t automatically mean better.


  • How many unique traits are in the collection? (In other words: How many different drawings to generate the whole collection?) & are all traits desirable? 
  • Does it feel super repetitive when clicking through them? 
  • Can you identify yourself with multiple NFT’s of that collection?
  • How different is your NFT actually, from all the other NFT’s in the collection? For example the OG, CryptoPunks from Larva Labs, has 100 unique Traits. BAYC has 207. In my eyes there is no doubt about it: the more unique traits are in a collection, the better the collection. The number of unique items to generate a collection, shows how lazy the artist was in some ways.. 200+ Unique traits like the BAYC collection has, is a MUST for me personally.

Macro economics:

  • How high is the chance, celebrities will want to jump in, if there is real traction? Does it really have that undistinguishable potential?

  • Do you think the price of your desired NFT is justified comparing it to the rest of the market?
  • Do you feel like you are missing out potentially?