GameStop, known worldwide, is a company that sells toys and video games, primarily. But there is so much more to this company, then one could ever imagine.

Let’s begin this way: Have you ever heard of the “Monkey Army” on reddit, that is fighting against financial terrorism? At First, it was just one guy: DFV (= u/DeepFuckingValue). Not much of a monkey if you ask me, but definitely the most famous Ape, deservedly. DFV for president. DFV realised the ‘fockery’ that was going on, and his words found ears in other Apes, slowly but surely, an Ape Army was built. But by 2022 GameStop shareholders have grown to be the strongest, largest, and most influential community in the history of WallStreet. Bit by bit, day by day, Stockholder’s of GameStop got smarter, grew closer together; accumulating knowledge, hard proof, and an unbelievable amount of due diligence (DD) on the corruption, caused by Hedgefond managers, that troubles our financial system, and especially the working class people, so much today. If what I said caught your interest, then please please please get reading on , search for the ” Superstonk “ sub, and build your own opinion on what is really going on in the world today, and how to do your part by supporting what is right. You’re not too late, Moass is still lurking around the corner.

Before you head over to Superstonk, to actually help change the world. I want to assert, that you probably will be overwhelmed with the information of the posts, if you have never used reddit before. On every post in r/superstonk is a pinned comment directly underneath it, which guides you to the best articles for beginners. If you are going to head to over to r/superstonk , the only thing I can give you on your way, are some vocabulary to not get confused, especially if English isn’t your mother tongue:

DRS= Direct Registration System (To DRS your shares, is to directly register your shares; one does this, so brokers (i.e.: eToro) and banks (e.g.: JP Morgan) cannot lend your shares without ur consent or knowledge in dark pools, allowing illegal shorting activities and more crimes on retail traders.)

CS = ComputerShare ( , is the most used intermediary where traders can DRS their GameStop shares.)

GS, GME, Gmerica = GameStop

HF = HedgeFunds

hedgies = Hedge Fund Managers

MM, MSM = Mainstream Media

MoaSS = Mother of all Short Squeezes

Hodl = Hold on (for) dear life

NYSE = New York Stock Exchange

buy button turned off = When brokers and banks disable the buy button on a specific Stock during market opening hours, because they are “in” when it comes to market manipulation

the SEC = the Security and Exchange Commission (of USA) – head of the SEC is GG (= Gary Gensler)